Beauty Tips for Men

Beauty Tips for Men

There’s lots to cover here. To begin with, how you care for your face as a man largely depends upon your skin-type. For example, normal, oily or dry.

There are several “universals” that apply to all of us.  What follows is a basic run-down, broken down by issue.

You’ll also find tips on beard trimming and shaving.

Moisturizing, wrinkle prevention, eyebrows

Most every man I know wants to prevent unwanted wrinkles and lines. The problem is a lot of us engage in the wrong routines and use the wrong products because we don’t know any better.

Right off the bat, you need to know men’s skin tends to be thicker than our female counterparts. A major reason for this is collagen production. We simply produce more.

You can have the most attractive skin in the world but if your teeth look crooked or have large gaps, they can take away from your appearance in a major way. Let’s face it, people notice when you are smiling and when you’re not.

Before I move onto the tips, none of what’s suggested below will work unless you get yourself into the dentist office. As a counselor, I know how many men absolutely hate going in for checkups.

But guys, I’m here to tell you that the longer you wait, the worse your teeth will get. I should know. I did this and waited years between dental visits. The end result; thousands of dollars in repairs that were 100% preventable.Men tend to be tactile creatures, using their hands to accomplish much work. For this reason and a host of others, the hands are one of the first areas to shows signs of old age.

If you are a guy, there’s a good chance you wear shorts during warm weather. Not to generalize, you probably also don’t focus on this area when moisturizing.

I’m listing here because the legs are an important area of focus as part of total men’s skin care.

Men’s Beauty Tips:

When wearing shorts outdoors, apply a moisturizer that contains a SPF 30 sunblock or higher.

  • During wintertime, it’s important to apply extra moisturizer to your legs because extremities (legs) are one of the first body parts to chaff. Opt for “extra strength” products, such as the ones made by the folks at Gold bond.
  • If you are wearing socks (short or high) make sure you apply additional moisturizer around the ankles.
  • If you manscape your legs, always use a fresh razor with the right shaving product (see area A under manscapping ).
  • Trim toenails at least once a month with a durable clipper.
  • Consider getting a pedicure from time to time. More and more, guys are doing this.
  • To remove excess skin from the heel of your foot and around the pads, pick up a pumas stone. You can get these at many drug stores.
  • If you have rough heels, consider soaking in warm water for at least 15 minutes.
  • Use foot powder in your shoes to keep feet dry. Some men sprinkle into their sox.
  • Moisturize your feet like any body part. Do this after every shower and be sure to cover the entire foot.

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