DIY Beauty Tips For Oily Skin

DIY Beauty Tips For Oily Skin

Oily skinned people have over active sebaceous glands which produce excess of sebum and make the skin more prone to acne and look sticky or greasy. Oily skin also makes the skin have blackheads or whiteheads, enlarged or clogged pores.

It is necessary to keep the oil in control and also to prevent it from the harsh pollution. The good part about oily skin is that it doesn’t lead to wrinkles or aging easily, this happens due to the moisture which is locked in the epidermis. Here we came up with natural homemade beauty tips for oily skin along with images those can prevent definitely oil from skin.

Regular Cleansing For Oily Free Skin :

Oily skin needs regular cleansing in order to not control excess oil. Cleansing your face twice or thrice daily would be perfectly fine. It will let you get rid of all the dust and dirt. Gel based cleansers which has a lot of foam is apt for oily skin. Face washes should be oil free and medicated soaps are useful as well.

Scrubbing To Get Rid From Oily Skin :

It is important to exfoliate skin once or twice every week and exfoliation of oily skin is all the more important. Dead skin cells remain on the face due to excessive sebum, that is what ultimately leads to acne, blackheads or whiteheads and makes the skin dull.

Face Masks :

Face masks, one a week could be really useful. Face packs which contain kaolin and bentonite Clay, multani mitti or sandalwood are really beneficially and seeps away the excess oil. You could even mash a ripe papaya and add half a lemon. Put it on the face and let it dry for 20 minutes and wash with lukewarm water. It is one of the best natural beauty tips for oily skin which can give the glow to your face and remove blackheads also.

Neem :

Neem is the considered to be the best natural ingredient for a healthy looking skin. Not only for oily but for all skin types. Regular intake of neem would keep your skin glowing and ever young. Oily skin is best helped with a pack of neem face mask. They make the oil really less and give an instant glow. They also remove the pimples from face and neck.

Toning For Oily Skin :

Toning helps reduction of excess oil as well. Rosewater toners are the best, as they remove the dirt and also give a soothing effect. Always opt for the oil free and water based moisturizers after toning.

Limited Amount Of Powder :

Ladies generally think as excess of face powder could make their face dry up and make it look less oily, but the correct thing would be to not go overboard with face powder. Powders should be applied on the areas which look shiny. Damp a sponge and clean excess powder, if applied.

Keep Blotting Papers Handy :

Even if your makeup looks flawless in the morning, your oily skin will spoil the show till midday. Blotting sheets can be kept handy so that when you feel excess oil on your skin you can just clean it. The best way is to press the oily areas with the paper and roll it off rather than rubbing it on your skin.

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