Types of Cosmetics

Types of Cosmetics

The cosmetic industry undoubtedly is one of the largest industries in the world. It comes with advertisements and a strong influential message that anyone can look better than they appear and increases your attractiveness. Who wouldn’t fall for this? Any women out there would have a collection of a minimum of four to five cosmetic items in their makeup box. What is a Cosmetic? There would be none who isn’t familiar with this name. Who doesn’t love dabbing a bit of makeup before a party or function? A cosmetic highlights every part of your face and adds beauty. A cosmetic is a chemical compound that is applied to your hair, body or face to highlight, alter its appearance and add fragrance to it. However, all the products may not be synthetic and artificial. For instance, coconut oil for hair is a natural cosmetic for hair. As we know, makeup is applied externally to the body and does not affect the normal functioning of the body. There are different types of cosmetics we will see one by one.


Primer is a cosmetic that is applied to the actual makeup is done. It covers any pores in your face and makes the process of applying makeup smoother. Primer helps to sustain the makeup wear for a longer time.

Lip balm and lipstick

Lip balm is applied to make your lips smoother before you wear lipstick. It makes any chapped lips look smooth. They add colour to the lips. Lipstick is applied with a rollerball or can be applied using hands. They are made of dye and comes in different colour. A lipstick is bought after matching it with one’s skin tone.


Concealer is used to cover up any marks on your skin. It does away with any blemishes like magic! It is thicker than foundation. Concealer provides a good base for applying makeup. The makeup is hence done over the concealer and foundation.

Foundation has a creamy texture and has to be bought matching your skin tone. Foundation provides a smooth base to start applying your makeup. It evens out any pores on your face.

Face powder

Face powder not only gives a matte finish to the foundation but is also used to prolong the effect of your makeup. It makes sure the concealer and foundation are not worn away.


A blush usually comes in shades of red and is used to highlight the cheeks and make it look plump.


A highlighter has a glossy appearance and is used to make all the sharp features of your face to stand out. It adds shimmer to the face.

Mascara and eyeshadow

Mascara is used for thickening the eyebrows and beautify it. Eyeshadow highlights the eye and eyelids. Eyeliners are used to define the eyes.


Perfume adds fragrance to the body and keeps you fresh all day!

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